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Refugee relocation of Dawa Musa’s Family, Maban County, South Sudan

South Sudan / Sudanese Refugees / Eighty year old Dawa Musa, from Kormaganza village in Bau County, Blue Nile state, Sudan, sits next to her son Awad, 46, on a bus departing from Jamam refugee camp, Maban County, South Sudan on the 8th of August, 2012. Dawa, a widow, and her family fled from Kormaganza in September of 2011 when exchanges of fire between infantry and bombing raids drove them from their home. Issa, Dawa’s nephew, was caught in the crossfire between troops and killed near the family’s home. Thy set out that night in a hurry, heading for the neighboring village of Mafot, two days walk from Kormaganza. Dawa was unable to make the quick journey, so her 3rd born son, Awad Kutuk Tungud, hid her in the bush for three days while he moved his wife and children to safety, then returned for her. For several months, the family remained in relative safety in Mafot, until artillery began shelling the village from afar. Fearing a return of ground troops, Awad, his mother Dawa, wife Alahia, and their children again fled to safety — this time across the border to neighboring South Sudan. For fifteen days, Awad carried both his elderly mother and his daughter Zainb on his back, until they reached the border crossing at Al Fudj in February of 2012. UNHCR then transported the family to Jamam refugee camp in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State. Widespread flooding in Jamam camp moved UHNCR to undertake the task of relocating thousands of refugees approximately 70 kilometers from Jamam to a new site, called Gendrassa, which is less prone to flooding, and better suited to providing for the needs of refugees. At the time this photograph was taken, more than 100,000 people had fled conflict in Sudan’s Blue Nile State, seeking refuge across the border in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State. The topography of Upper Nile is such that the area is prone to extensive flooding. During the rainy season, large potions of northern South Sudan are inundated with water, leading to high l